Oakmont House Transformation Week 4

Oakmont House Transformation Week 4 #realestate


I’m giving you a progress report on the Oakmont House Transformation. We’re doing a walkthrough. This is the week before the final week. What I promise you guys that we would do.


The chandelier looks pretty nice. What do you think? Okay, so we laid the countertops in the kitchen and put the handles on. And installed the range, the dishwasher, and the microwave. We got that beautiful stainless steel microwave. This is the nice kitchen that we have, matte black. And that is the kitchen that I promised that we would do last week, the kitchen counter tops and so forth.


We did the shower tiles. How beautiful, huh? Look at the beautiful shower tiles. That little niche with the glass. And also the shower floor tiles. That’s what we did. That’s that. So the way that it was, this was actually a very, very huge bathroom. We actually shrank it so that we could make room for the second bedroom that we built out here. This is the second bedroom. It used to be part of the bathroom here, so we made space for the second bedroom. There was actually a door that was closed, but we just built the door back and then we created this bedroom. It was just one big, big bedroom so we just created two bedrooms here.

Week’s Conclusion

So that’s it about this house. I just want you to see the kitchen, mainly the kitchen and the bathroom. We’re going to put a dimmer here because the chandelier is too, too bright. So we’re going to put a dimmer there and everything will be good. Just take a look at the kitchen one more time. Got the nice, nice countertops with the backsplash. All the handles are in. Stainless steel microwave, the range and the dishwasher. So this house is almost ready. This house is almost ready. All the baseboards are in. We’re doing the last touch-ups this week. Everything should be done in this house.

There are a few things that we need to do. We need to install the brand new UC unit and enlarge that register. So we have to really just patch this up and just make sure that it’s refinished. All the outlets are done here. So just last-minute touch-ups and we’re good to go with this house. Bought the furniture already so that is going to be built out as well. That’s it about this house. This is actually a very good flooring. If you come and see it yourself with your own eyes, it actually matches really well. It’s just the lighting. It’s actually lighter than this, what you see on the camera, but you probably can’t tell. It actually matches really, really well. And this is the kind of floor that we use for all the houses and all our buyers love it. They fall in love with it.

We buy one or two houses on a monthly basis. We buy them to turn them, to flip them, or we just keep them in our portfolio. So till next time, Kevin, and I will see you next week. Next week, this house is going to be on the market. Jeremy, I need more houses from you. Get me a house. Got to start prospecting, man. All right. So let me just turn off all the lights and we are going to be out of here. Sayonara, bye guys. Daily. Awesome. That’s the way to do it. Let’s buy a house together.

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