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What Is The Process Of Us Buying Your Homes In Sacramento?

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What Is The Process Of Us Buying Your Homes In Sacramento?

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How to sell my house fast for market value Sacramento  ?

InsightfulREI is a house buying firm in Sacramento, CA. We buy houses for a cash price. When you want to sell a house, you have questions about the process. In this page, you’ll find answers to questions such as:

  • How we calculate the cash price of your home?
  • Who are we and why we buy houses for cash?
  • How soon can you sell the house?
  • What are the benefits of selling the home to InsightfulREI?
  • And more….

Who are we and why we buy houses for cash?

Our firm takes pride in providing top-notch service to our customers. We are a real estate solutions company based in Sacramento, CA. Real estate redeveloping is our business. We take eyesore properties, renovate them and sell them to a family in Sacramento, CA. We have successfully rehabbed multiple properties over the last year. We buy houses in Sacramento and near area, Citrus Heights, Antelope, Natomas, North Highlands, Auburn, New Castle, Loomis.

Remodeling homes have a few benefits. For us, we get to make money from doing a job we love. We love turning distressed houses to beautiful dream homes.

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For the community, a renovated house increases the price of every other property in the neighborhood. A damaged home in the neighborhood can affect the market price of other homes in the local area.

We pay taxes, and that helps the community in general. The best part is that we get to help individuals & families like you. We buy houses from sellers who want to sell their house fast. After redeveloping, we sell the home to a new buyer.

We use our cash to buy the house from sellers. The money speeds up the process because when you need to sell fast, we cannot rely on a financial institution. Mortgage approval can take weeks, and the bank can often deny the loan. When you contact us, we want to send you a guaranteed offer. So we buy houses with our cash, so you don’t have to worry about delays or cancellations.

How We Calculate the Cash Price for Your Home?

Like any trusted house buying firm, we have a process in place. Our offers are based on a few factors such as the ARV, cost of repairs, selling expenses, holding costs, and minimum profit. We believe it is necessary for the sellers to know who much their house is worth and how can they sell home fast within days. In this section, you’ll learn how we calculate the cash offer. We’ll illustrate our point with an example, but it is an estimate only. If you want to sell a home in Sacramento, CA, please contact us so we can send you a no-obligation cash price quote.

After-Repair Value

Let’s pull out sales data from the past three months.  Our team will research the price of homes (similar to yours) in the market. Let’s say, recently renovated homes in your area are selling for $365,000. These houses have the same number of bedrooms and share various features of your property. That means, if you renovate your home, you can also sell it for approximately $365,000. There can be a percentage price adjustment, but most likely, you can sell your home for $355,000-$365,000. For the sake of calculation, we’ll assume the price to be $365k.

Cost of Repairs

You know the after-repair value of your home. The question is, how much money is required to renovate the house. You’ll need to see which repairs are needed and create your list. Then add the cost of the cosmetic makeover. Let’s say for this house; you’ll need to spend $55,000 for repairs.

We contact our trusted contractors so they can provide us a quote for complete rehabbing costs.

Selling Expenses

We buy your house directly from you, so you don’t have to pay for the selling costs. However, after renovation, we have to sell the home in the retail market, and that requires listing home on the MLS. We pay for the commissions. There are taxes to be paid and other expenses such as title insurance, attorney’s payment, title search, and so on.

Rehabbing and selling in the retail market can take 3-4 months. During this time, the home keeps sitting on the market, and we don’t earn any profit. Between these 3-4 months, we are paying our contractors, team members and also spending money on monthly bills associated with the house. As a rough estimate, we think that combined selling & holding costs make up 10% of the sales price of the property. So in our example, that number will be $36,500.

Minimum Return

We send guaranteed cash offers to our customers and spend months rehabbing a house. When rehabbing, we update all the essential systems and appliances so that the new family can live in the house with comfort. That requires skill and financial investment.

We do have a team of contractors who give us a discounted rate for the bulk work we provide to them. Our firm is also a risk-taker because we buy your home as-is. After all this hard work, we believe it’s fair to seek a reasonable return from our deals. We expect 10%-11% ROI from our rehabbed properties.

Now we have listed the fundamental pillars of our cash offer. So if your home’s value is $365,000; we can give you a cash offer of $237,000. It’s going to be an as-is sale. You don’t pay for closing costs, commissions and we buy houses very fast. Click here to get your all-cash offer.

There is also another way to calculate the cash price of your home. Contact a realtor and get a price opinion. The realtor will give you a price estimate of your home in its current condition. The as-is price is significantly less than the price of a renovated house. Whoever buys that property will have to invest significant time and money into the property. Let’s say the broker suggests that the price of your property is $245,000-$255,000 in its current condition. You agree to sell the home. After the sale, you pay 10% of the sales price in commissions and closing costs. In that case, if the price of your home is $255k, you will end up paying $25.5k in closing costs. Your net profit will be $229,500. In this example, selling to InsightfulREI can get you more money with ease.

This example uses sample figures. If you need a quick cash offer, please give us a call or fill out this form online. We’ll get back to you in the next 24 hours.

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Benefits of Selling to InsightfulREI

  • Sell as-is/no repairs or cleaning needed
  • Get a fast cash offer
  • No waiting for mortgage approval
  • Get help with moving
  • Receive personalized solutions
  • Get 100% free consultation from our company

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