Prepare to Buy a Home in Sacramento This Winter

How Much Do Interest Rates Matter When Buying a Home in Sacramento?

When buying a home in Sacramento – Your biggest financial concerns when purchasing a home are probably the asking price and the down payment. However, these are by no means the only expenses or even a significant portion of the overall budget. There will be other numbers to consider once you close. And foremost among … Continued

Oakmont House Furnishing!

Introduction So, this is the Oakmont House, and we’re almost ready to go online right now. It’s taking us shorter than expected, and I’ve showcased you this home before. We have to do some work on the driveway because that piece is all cracking. We have to make sure that piece is repaired so that … Continued

Effective Strategies for Selling Land in Sacramento

3 Effective Strategies for Selling Land in Sacramento

If you’re selling land, keep in mind that it’s not the same as selling a house. You’ll need a distinct marketing/sales approach because the market is different, the buyer attitude is different, and the buyer mindset is different. So, just because you’ve sold a house (or several houses), doesn’t indicate you’ll be able to sell … Continued

James House Transformation Project Week 1|Part 2

This is the second part of the James House Transformation Project Week 1. Kitchen I don’t know if you have seen the junk that’s left behind, lots of boxes. You got like a desk here, office desk and the bed. Everything that can be left is all here. You got pot and pans, fridge. Let’s … Continued

James House Transformation Project Week 1|Part 1

Introduction We are the premier house buyer here in town and this is the first time I am at this house that we just acquired a couple of days ago. I got the keys. So this is a walkthrough of our next house transformation project. House Exterior This is actually a two-car garage. That ramp … Continued

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