Oakmont House Transformation Week 2

Oakmont House Transformation Week 2 #realestate


This is our second week into the rehab. And I’m ready to show you the progress that we made in the last two weeks; as a matter of fact, the last week. It feels almost like fall. It’s windy, and you got the leaves. And what else? You got the late sunshine here. It’s just a gorgeous day today. And I can feel you, if you’re just lazy for Sunday, it’s understandable.


So anyway, I want to show you this house that we started remodeling two weeks ago. What we did last week was we framed the second bedroom as well as the bathroom. And there’s actually a doorway into the laundry. I don’t know if you can see the paint that … Yes, we do pick up properties off-market. There’s actually this door right here, how we just walled it off just to make the kitchen a bit larger. We got the kitchen cabinets already. So next week, we’re going to set up or get the kitchen cabinets installed here. So take a last look at this empty space for the kitchen. It’s no longer going to be there next week. We got the floors in today, actually last week. And we’re ready to put the baseboards in as well.


So the last two weeks, what we did was … This is actually a big, big bedroom here. What we did was we put a wall here, so to make it a second bedroom, built a closet. And take a look at the second bedroom. It’s actually a split of the first bedroom, or one big bedroom right here. It used to be a door, and it was [inaudible 00:02:25], yeah. So we just remove the door where the door was and then put the door back. This is actually … What is this? This is the bedroom that we actually split into two to make it two bedrooms. So nice doors, brand new panel doors, six-panel doors.

Laundry Room

And this is the laundry room. And there used to be an entryway into the kitchen. We just removed that or we just closed that off. And guess what? This bathroom used to go all the way to here. So what we did was we actually shrink it, but we make space for it right here. We built a custom shower. This is going to be a big, big ass shower here. So we’re going to Sheetrock it next week. Got the valves. That’s already installed, yeah.

House Exterior

So, what is next week? Next week, what are we going to do? Next week, we’re going to do kitchen cabinets, the baseboards and the exterior paint. The Exterior’s not painted yet. So we’ll have to paint that, address that. We do replace some windows because those are single-pane windows. And they’re basically in bad shape. For example, this one, we actually replaced. It was this window that we couldn’t get anywhere. So we just get a standard window and put it there. There’s some exterior work that we did to this house, actually. There wasn’t a window here, and we had to make a window out of this house.

So take a look at the backyard. This is a huge yard. It’s got ADU potential here. So the plan here is once we finish remodeling the house that is sitting on the front of this lot, we’re going to start getting a permit to do an ADU in the back. It’s a big lot. It’s about 0.3 acres. And this is the driveway. Take a look at the driveway. So we got some cracked concrete here. It’s underneath the container, actually. So that will have to go, actually. We’ll have to fix that, the driveway here. The fence is beating up. And you can see that tree is actually growing into the fence. So we’ll have to address that as well; big, big mature tree. So we’ll probably need to remove the fence or just move it back.

We also fixed the garage door, and actually replaced the garage door. It was five fifty dollars. We basically just replaced it with one that we got from refurbished. And we just need to paint it as part of the process of painting the exterior. So it looks good, yeah. And I’m so excited to see what is going to come out of the third week. There’s going to be a big, big transformation to happen next week. Also, if you’re not aware, we actually have to replace the package unit up on the roof, HVAC.


And let’s see here, we created two registers, one in the laundry room here. This is the new register that we created. And then there’s another register that we created right in this room that is split so that there’s air actually in all the rooms. So there you have it. We’re going to do the can light there and the shower fan. So this is going to be a really, really nice home once it’s said and done. And I’m so excited to see what is going to come out of this.

Lastly, we started orders on furniture for this home. This is going to be our short-term rental property here. And I wanted to do this video for you guys. I was here yesterday, but I forgot to do so, as my promise of doing this every week so that you can go along with me on this journey of seeing the house from the beginning to the end, the transformation of this ugly house into a beautiful swan. And I’m very excited about this house. This is in the Arden-Arcade area, in Citrus Heights. All right. Would you be open to sharing some numbers?

I would love to share with you the numbers. However, this is one of the many houses that we’re working on right now. I think we’re working on five right now. So I’d have to look it up. I get confused with the numbers of this house and the other house. So I don’t want to quote you the wrong number here. But remind me or DM me. If I haven’t got your message, please DM me so I can show you the numbers and you can take a look at them. All right. So what else?

So as I mentioned, this is part of the series that I’m doing for this house on Oakmont Street. This is in the Arden-Arcade area. And I’m doing this for you all. And you can actually, follow my progress just along this journey. So I’m doing this for every single house that was under construction. So you can follow along and see the transformation with me as well. So you get to appreciate the hard work that we’ve done to these houses. So this is Kevin from InsightfulREI Buy Houses. We buy two, or three houses on a monthly basis. Wholesalers, if you know any deals you want to offload, any cash-motivated sellers, just bring us the deal. We’ll pay you a referral fee. Realtors, likewise. We can buy with all cash, with no contingency and as is.

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