Oakmont House Transformation Week 1 Part I

Oakmont House Before Transformation | Part 1 #realestateinvesting


This is Kevin and I am going to showcase to you guys this newest flip that we just started demoing a few days ago. So, let me just turn the camera around, I want to show you the neighborhood. It’s actually a very nice neighborhood of Arden. So, there are just older people that live in this neighborhood.


This is the third container that we have. There’s a lot of demolition that we did. Right behind this garage, this detached garage was a storage that was taken out because it was dry rotted. So, you can actually see the remains of the storage that is actually attached to this side of the house. This house has a big, big, big yard. I think it’s probably a quarter acres. All the way out in the back. I think you can do, down the road for sure, build an ADU. See how big the yard is? Backyard?

House Exterior

We got some like visible dry rot over here, this side of the roof. And I don’t know if you can see that hole over there. Do you see? That’s a garage door. So, that garage door will need to be replaced. Again, this is a one-car garage, detached garage from the house. The driveway looks okay. How does it look? Looks okay here. But as you go here, there are some cracks that will need to be addressed. And then you get this step up with these concrete blocks. So, what I would do, probably‚Ķ It was propped up because of the root over there and they just put on concrete blocks to prevent people from tripping and that’s just like Mickey Mouse’s work. So, we’ll have to repave this portion of the driveway most likely. Here, I don’t like the steps, so we’ll do a ramp down from there.

House Interior

So, let’s go to the main house. So, what he did, or the original owner did, which I’ll tell you later, and I’m going to tell you what we’re going to do actually in the back of the house. So, this is the kitchen, the original kitchen. Can see the lines that were drawn for the wall kitchen cabinets. So, they’re going to remain the same. I’m thinking about just patching this up so that we can actually make a bigger kitchen here. We have my designer draw it up for me. And behind this wall here is the laundry room. It’s a tiny little laundry room here. And there’s actually a door here, so we’re not going to do a door because there’s just no space for it. You see, if you do a door, you can’t really open it and there’s really a very tight spot here already. So we’re not going to do anything, just leave it open like that without the door.

So, what I was thinking is to just close this part out, make a wall out of this so that I can extend the kitchen. But then again, if I were to build a dishwasher right next to the sink, if you open it this way, it’s going to be in the way of the cabinets here. So, there’s actually a reason why this opening was here, just so that you can actually have that open without hitting any cabinets. So, I’m having my designer draw something where we can possibly close this opening and extend the kitchen this way. All right? So, that’s the kitchen.


So, when I first walked into the house, there was only one bedroom. It’s actually a really, really huge bedroom. This is what the bedroom looks like. So, I’ll do a panoramic view of it for you guys. Okay? And that’s the closet for the bedroom. So, the plan here is actually to make two bedrooms out of this one big gigantic bedroom here. So, you see where that ceiling is over there? That’s going to be the separation of these two bedrooms out of this one big, gigantic bedroom that we’re going to build here. So, we’re going to take this out and we’re going to build a wall from here on. And if you see behind where the outlet is, there’s actually a door. So, you see there’s actually a patchwork for that door that was originally, there. So, they just patched it up and make a big, big bedroom out of it. So, we’re going to restore that and make this part a one-bedroom and what is coming from that arch there on the top of the ceiling, is going to be the second bedroom.

So, the door for the second bedroom is here. And the door for the first bedroom is right there. We’re going to just open that up. that was patched. And we’re going to build a closet here for the second bedroom. So, let me turn the camera around here. There’s going to be a little closet in the corner for the first bedroom. For the second bedroom, what we’re going to do is, we’re going to knock this out. All the framing here, we’re going to knock it out. We’re going to extend the bedroom all the way out here to where that line is. This whole area here is actually the bathroom. We’re going to just shrink it down to right here. Down to where that pencil drawing is all the way out here. That’s where the bathroom is going to be. We’re going to give more real estate to the second bedroom.

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