Oakmont House Furnishing!

Oakmont House Furnishing!


So, this is the Oakmont House, and we’re almost ready to go online right now. It’s taking us shorter than expected, and I’ve showcased you this home before. We have to do some work on the driveway because that piece is all cracking. We have to make sure that piece is repaired so that it doesn’t cause any tripping hazard here. All right.

I had the landscaper come and really just take care of the front and especially the back. The back looked like a jungle before, but now it’s so much better and we’ll get to see it a few minutes later, but I just want to show you this house and we’re getting it ready for photos next week. Again, there are some paintings that are still on the floor, but we’re going to hang them. This is like a little chick, a tiny little home, but it’s going to be making a lot of money here.


I just installed a few things here. A couple of things that you need for a short-term rental is you need keyless. Yeah. This is keyless and it’s got the key code, keyless that’s attached to it. We use August Lock. Okay. The front of the door remains the same, but the back is changed and you can actually control this thing with your phone, Bluetooth. This is a 65-inch TV because it’s too, too spacious. We have to put a TV stand just right below the 65-inch TV. Okay. Again, there are some wall paintings that need to go hang on the wall.


This is the kitchen, a galley kitchen. It’s a little bit tiny, but the house itself is so tiny to start with. We had to kind of just make space with what we got. You can see that the fridge is kind of just too big, out of place already, but again, we have to make space with what we have. Okay. This is kind of like a dining room. I’m sorry. This is the living room and this is the dining area. We can get that life on Amazon, by the way. And this house has got two bedrooms and one bathroom. We actually split. We actually split this big, big bedroom into two. What you see here, this bedroom, this first bedroom here is actually part of.

And believe it or not, this wall was out of here because the bathroom goes way, over here. We have to make space here for this bedroom, and we kind of shrunk down the bathroom. As you can see, we have this tiny little vanity here, but we have this big, big custom, big, custom shower, standing shower with shower head right up above, and also the shower head with the handle.


Let me just show you this first bedroom that we have. Again, this is getting furnished. My cleaners are going to come and just put the sheets, and the pillows down. Okay. This used to be a big bedroom. The wall here wasn’t here. Yeah. We just put the wall up so we can split this bedroom into two big bedrooms. Okay. We can actually make efficient use of this space that we’re given in this particular little tiny home.


This can be a house of four people and this is good for anybody that comes to Sacramento, corporate rental, travel nurses and so forth. This is a nice little home in a great neighborhood. We’re going to get a booking on this house very, very soon. So just take a last look at this house. Okay. Let me know what you think about this home. Tiny, but it’s got everything and I think this house is going to do so well.

By the way, behind the blinds are brand new windows that we put in here, all throughout this home. We have to because we have them, what do you call those? We have to because we have that aluminium, single-pane windows, and they’re just too old and they do not really weather efficient. Heat, can’t really contain heat. In the wintertime, it’s just too, too cold. Yeah. We had to put in those, and this is the washer and dryer room here. The light source is right there.

This is a tiny little laundry room. We kind of have to put the washer and dryer this way. Very nice Samsung unit. Washer and Samsung dryer. This is going to be so great. Washer there, dryer here. This is what you need to furnish your house. You need a pair of washers and dryers. You need the ringless camera again. This is a new thermostat. I don’t know if you can see it, but we put in the new HVAC as well. And then you need the keyless and over there at the corner is actually a noise-aware sensor. That’s the bare minimum that you must have when you furnish a short-term rental. Till next time.

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