James House Transformation Project Week 1|Part 2

James House Transformation Project

This is the second part of the James House Transformation Project Week 1.


I don’t know if you have seen the junk that’s left behind, lots of boxes. You got like a desk here, office desk and the bed. Everything that can be left is all here. You got pot and pans, fridge. Let’s check out the fresh. Wow. See left the foot behind too. I can’t believe it. Who wants a new stainless steel microwave? Huh? You got plates too. Do you want those plates, guys? Cups. Condiments. Nice toaster you can have nice plates, glasses. Spatulas, cooking utensils. So all these will go. All these will go.

Demolition And Junks

It’s probably going to be four days. I got a quote for $2,800 demolition. Obviously, that’s just the labor. So this is at least $240 a container. Each container is $650. So I would say just a demolition alone going to be four grand. And that is a lot, a lot of money. There is a lot you can do with four grand. The paint inside and outside. That’s $4,000. So demolition, which is to bring this from negative to ground zero. Yeah, cost 4,000. That’s a lot. Yeah. Demolition includes getting rid of the junk. We’re going to haul in a 40-yard container and remove all the junk and dump it. Each container costs $650. And that includes hauling.

I’m also making money out of those junk. That’s like diapers. So I bought the zone from a person who is handicapped and disabled. So there are a lot of diapers. So we have a lot of valuables in these homes and I don’t understand why those people will leave these things behind. I guess people like Americans, like us, keep a lot, pile a lot of things. So when we move, we just leave all these valuables behind, because there’s just so much that we can take. There’s just so much that we can take. So all the things that are valuable, you know the clothes there’s just so much you can take.

These are nice jackets. I would for sure donate this to Salvation Army. Nice rain jacket. I can probably run like a garage sale, just have everybody take anything in the house that they want and make some money out of this. Got an old fax machine here as well, lots of books got these phones. This is worth something. It’s a surge protector. There’s so many in this house. I already got six.

Check the pockets for cash. I’m going to take this surge protector. This is a heavy-duty surge protector. Got nice phones. Wifi wireless phones. I just don’t understand why people would just leave so many valuables behind. And my theory is they just have so, so much stuff and there’s just limited stuff that they can take away with them and they’re just forced to take the most valuable stuff.

You got dressers. Got some board games up in the closet. This is a full-size bed, I think. Not that big. Got a nice office chair, and desk. The wall art I think is painted. It’s painted on the wall. The wallpaper we’ll have to take this out. You got a wall paint here. This is kind of like the second master if you will.

Overall Description

This is actually a very quiet neighbourhood. A good part of SAC actually. There are lots of trees. You got some neighbors that are very responsive or responsible for their property. Pride of ownership. I got a brand new fence, look, got a brand new fence from my neighbor, actually. I got a look at the fence. Other than the dry rot on the siding. I got a brand new fence on this side of the house. Nice storage too. This is a good storage shed. I don’t know if you can see the fence on the other side too. Got a nice fence.

Obviously, I don’t have the fascia board, so I’ll put the fascia board throughout. Nice windows, dual paint windows. That is what I’m talking about. That this house has got potential. Just need to throw away a lot of junk, but this house is going to come out so pretty. And I think it’s going to go on the contract very, very quickly.

So this is Kevin from Insightful REI Buy Houses. Thank you so much for coming out and checking out this life. Really appreciate you. I just finished doing a walkthrough of this house that we just close on a couple of days ago. This is the first time that I’m at this house visiting and we’re going to start demoing this house. It’s going to be super, super exciting. I think this house is going to be looking so great, so pretty when it’s all said and done. Until next time, we’re looking for more projects. If you know anyone who is selling, please contact us at 916-507-2502. Or send us your property there at sales@insightfulrei.com. You’d be good for a neighborhood when you fix it. The houses around are actually in good shape. This house is probably like the worst on the street.

I think the neighbor next door, he’s a contractor. So he does a nice job to his house and we’re going to make this house look so, so nice. And this neighbor, they really keep to themselves. They got a fence right in front of their house for privacy. And we just have an open kind of like a view to our house. We’re going to keep it this way. I’m not going to build any more fences. Just keep it open, and leave it to the next buyer of the house. Whether they want to do something to the front, they can. This is a big, big yard.

We got some rain lately. So you see the grass. That’s all grown kind of tall here. That is actually a very, very nice central heat and air. I think we just need to service it. As I mentioned, this house has got good bones and there’s so much potential with this house. And I’m very excited about working on this project and checking out all the surge protectors that I got. I need those. So I’m going to take those with me. All right, so this is Kevin from Insightful REI Buy Houses.

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