James House Transformation Project Week 1|Part 1

James House Transformation Project


We are the premier house buyer here in town and this is the first time I am at this house that we just acquired a couple of days ago. I got the keys. So this is a walkthrough of our next house transformation project.

House Exterior

This is actually a two-car garage. That ramp is going to go. There are a lot of good features with this house. Kind of in the rural part of the town, north SAC. So here in SAC, north SAC is known for like big lots. This is a very, very spacious house sitting on a big, big lot. This house. It’s got like three bedrooms, two bathrooms. I’m going to show you the bad part about this house, which is the exterior siding. It’s all dry rotted. So we’ll have to change those. Boom. The dry rots have to go. We’re going to replace all the sidings with this kind. It’s cheaper. So more than three-quarters of the siding on the side of the house will have to be replaced.

House Interior

Windows look good. So, that’s okay. Dual pane windows all around so we will save those windows. We do have to replace the trims, the window trims. Let’s walk into the house here. Boom. There’s a lot, a lot of junk piles of junk. This is not like anything that we have not seen. We’ve done this multiple times. My 40-yard container is coming this Monday. So we’ll throw everything out. This is the living room. You got the separated decorative wall here. So we’re checking if that beam there is actually a structural beam, so we can knock this “O” out here. You got a nice hallway and I’ll just show you the kitchen here. Very spacious kitchen. We’ll just do an L kitchen.

Brand new kitchen cabinets. That stove, that range is going to go. We’re just going to do a range stove combo. We’re going to bring the wall cabinets up. 30-foot wall cabinets so that soffit will have to go. This is the dining room. I’ll just replace the ceiling fan light with the chandelier. Not sure if this decorative beam serves any function. So we will have to find out if this is a structural beam to determine whether we should keep it or just take it out.


So like I mentioned, this house is got three bedrooms, the first bedroom. There are actually two hot water heaters here. This is the first one. And I guess you can call this a cleaning room as well. This is kind of like a master. I would call it. It’s got an attached bathroom. Behind these closets, is actually the standing shower. So we’re going to enlarge the standing shower hereby like one foot. So it’s going to be a standard four-foot shower. You got wallpaper in the bathroom, so those will have to go. There are actually two different kinds of texture in the house, so we’re just going to match just to save some money here. There are two bedrooms here on this side of the house. Let’s just walk down to the end of the freeway hallway I mean.

This is the third bedroom and it’s got a Jack and Jill. So there’s a door that goes into the bathroom here. It’s a very nice looking bathroom and nice-looking tiles here too. And you got a good looking vanity, so we’re going to leave it there. That mirror or the medicine closet will have to go. We’ll just replace it with a flat mirror. You got nice dual pane windows, so we’ll save those. We’re going to replace the sink. We’re going to knock out this separating wall between the cabinet, the toilet and this standalone cabinet right here. So that’s going to go. And then right here is the laundry room. And take out that step where the washer is on. Remove wallpapers, remove all the wallpapers, and replace the ceiling light with a flush mount.

Ceiling fan light, this is going to go. As I mentioned, behind this door is a bedroom. So you can consider this as a second master if you will. And there’s also a separate door that leads to this bathroom. I guess people coming from the living room will use that bathroom as well as the room down this hallway, which does not have a bathroom. They will come to the other side and use that bathroom as well. So as you walk down this part of the house, you’ll see the second hot water heater. And this is a two-car garage.

So we bought it already. We took possession of the house a couple of days ago. Didn’t get a chance to come in and check until today. We did a walkthrough with my contractors and we got a punch-out list. And this house we’re going to start demolition on Monday.

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