This is a Barbara Transformation update. I want to give you a progress report on this beautiful house that is almost ready for market. All right, let me just turn the camera around, so you see what I see. This ramp will go. There are actually concrete steps that are built underneath the ramp. This used to be a house occupied by an owner who is handicapped. So they built a ramp, but we’re going to take that out. We got the door, the front door, the color that I selected for the front door, what do you think of this yellow color? So it may seem kind of odd just by itself, but if you look at the outside color of the house, it actually matches. Okay. So there’s actually contrast, I selected this way so that there’s actually a match. So when we take pictures of the house, it’s going to look really, really nice.


Last week, I said, that I’m just going to focus on the kitchen area. I told you guys that we’re going to finish doing the kitchen and we’re just about done here. The appliances were delivered, they were here but we weren’t here to accept the appliances. So they have to come back and drop out the appliances next Wednesday. And these are all the kitchen cabinets, we assemble and install them ourselves. Yeah. So this is almost done. What we need are the handles. I counted 34 handles. Those matte black handles will be installed there. What I promised you guys, we got that chandelier. Beautiful. Huh? This is going to be on the market may be the week after next. Beautiful, beautiful house with four bedrooms, two bathrooms.

This is one of the bedrooms. What I did promise you guys last week was the kitchen, the plumbing, and the doors. How do you like the contrast? You have the matte black and the six-panel doors all around. Yeah. So, that vanity is going to go to the kitchen. This is out a really, really, really, really tiny kitchen. So we had to fit everything. Couldn’t find an 18-inch vanity. So what we ended up doing was we just used this one-legged vanity here. So the slabs are where the shower is. Just a very straightforward standard kind of home. Yeah, that we’re doing here. North, south. Okay. So the trims and floor trims are in.


So, I think everything is set for this house other than the fact that, just little touch-ups here and there. We actually built steps in the back, so that you can go out from the kitchen to the backyard, and do a lot of cleaning up as well here in the backyard. So, what do you think of the steps that we built? This is actually pressure-treated wood. There are still a lot of cleanups that we need to do, from construction debris, but we’ll finish cleaning this up, the backyard and this house will be ready for market the week after next. Just give us one more week. We’ll just make it look really nice. Brand new fence, left and right. So, it’s a big size yard actually.

Very nice house, all the exterior dry rot was fixed. So you can see this all looks really nice. Yeah. So this is what we do, man. I hope you’re going to like it. Look got that 40-yard dumpster, it’s huge. But we kind of need it, because there’s just so much trash, in this house, especially in the back. All right. So this is it. I just want to give you a progress report and call passing inspection tomorrow. So just to make sure that we pass this and that’s the report that we will attach to the listing to make sure everything goes.

Okay. Just one final look at this beautiful home. Everything will be ready next week. And I just can’t wait to see you guys on the market. This is going to go quick. All right. This beautiful home is going to go quick. So this is it. This is the master, second master and then behind this door is naturally the master bath. Okay. So we’re doing final work here. Old tiles, over here. And then you got the laundry behind that door. I don’t know why we don’t have a door handle, so I’ll ask and make sure that it’s installed. Everything here, it’s all cleaned up. Just last-minute touches, detail touches. And this home will be ready. There’s going to be a mirror that’s coming tomorrow. Special there actually, because that wall is too, too big.

This is actually a new sink, a brand new sink that we ordered. We had to replace the old one, some handles that we’re waiting to get. So they’re coming the day after tomorrow. So this home will be set. I can’t wait to see the final product. It’s going to be awesome. So this is Kevin from Insightful I Buy Houses. We buy about two to three houses on a monthly basis, and we’re looking to acquire more. If you know anybody that’s looking to sell, we’d be happy to take on the project and give you a referral fee.

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