Barbara House Before Transformation Week 1

Barbara House Before Transformation | Part 1


This is Kevin from Insightful REI Buy Houses just want to show you the house that we started demoing last week and we’re making good progress. And every week from now on until the house is ready, I am going to show you the progress. So, you get to see the house from beginning to end with me. You go along this journey with me for four weeks. I will show you the transformation of this particular house from the very beginning to the end when we are about to list this property on the market.

Curb Appeal

So, let me just turn the camera around. So, you’re going to see the front of the house. We just started cutting the grass. Mowing the lawn. We got this 40-yard container here. This is almost four. This is the second one that we have. Before, as of last week, we had so, so much junk.

This ramp, as you see, going to the front of the house, is going to go. And I’m going to show you this house where 90% of the junk piles, I’m talking about piles of junk, are already gone from the property. And we’re dealing with almost a clean slate where we can actually start rebuilding this house.

Living Room | Dining Room | Kitchen

So there’s actually a wall here. Believe it or not. You see here, from here to here. So, we actually took down that wall. It’s not a low bearing wall, so it’s okay to take it down so that we can actually make this living room open. And you have this big ass hallway, opening to the hallway and coming to this side. So, there are actually two winds in this house. You can see as you go here, you have the dining room and right next to it is this beautiful, beautiful kitchen that is going to be there.

I’m so excited to see what the kitchen is going to look like. We’re going to put in new kitchen cabinets, coarse countertop, and stainless appliances. And I’m going to order a chandelier and put a chandelier there. I’ve already got the chandelier picked out for this house and this place there will go.

And we’re going to, I don’t know what to do here. Do you guys know? Do you have any idea? These are just more cabinetry shelves and stuff. Maybe I just wall it off and just remove it. I like a home that is so minimalistic. I don’t like to have a lot of things going on in my house. I just want a house to be modern, to be minimalistic, and as less cluttered as possible.

Master’s Bedroom And Bathroom

So, coming to this side of the wing, you do have two bedrooms here. This is one of the bedrooms and this, would you say… I will say, that this bedroom is actually a master’s. Why is it, master? Because it’s got its own shower. And if you don’t know this, actually we’re doing a lot of plumbing work underneath this shower pan here. We’re building the shower. It’s down to the start if you will.

Where we’re replumbing, putting the new valves in there. There’s so much water damage on the subfloor that we had to rip out the original plywood and put-in three layers. Actually, it’s going to be three layers of plywood that we’re going to put in place. This is actually a 48 by 36 shower pan, which is already half order and what you have here, wasn’t 48. We actually had to expand this and make this a large shower. What is here from here to there, there actually shelves that are on the other side of the shower. So, that wasn’t part of the shower. We just decided to enlarge it just so that we can bring some value to this home that we are flipping.

So, that vanity is going to go. The toilet is going to go. All the wallpaper that you see on the wall, they’re going to go to in this master bathroom. That medicine closet is going to be patched up. We’re just going to have a mirror that vanity light is going to go to. We’re going to just buy some nice looking matte black vanity light that I already hand-picked out in my spreadsheet. It’s going to be the same kind of materials that we use from house to house.

So, the baseboards. We get our baseboards from HD Supply. They’re the cheapest, Home Depot is actually twice as expensive, so we don’t get our aport there. This is actually a closet where the hot water heater is in right now. There are actually two hot water heaters in this house.

Other Bedrooms

Coming to the other side of the house, you have two more bedrooms and then this is the second, this is the third bedroom. So, there are actually three bedrooms here. I would say this is the second master if you will because there’s actually a bathroom that’s connected to this room as well. And there are actually two doors. You can access this bathroom. This is actually a good tile, ready to go.

Bathroom. So, we’re not going to do much to it. We have some leftover tiles from the previous owner. We’re going to just kind of repave the place where the showers are damaged and so forth. There’s actually a separating wall here between some cabinetry and the toilet that we took out. So, as I said, I just like everything minimalistic. So, that is gone. We’re going to tile this part and repair the wall here.

I’m going to keep the vanity here. What do you guys think? I’m thinking maybe we’ll keep the sink and we’re just going to replace the sink faucet. This medicine closet is going to go and we’re just going to put a mirror here and the vanity lights, they’re going to go as well. This thing for the paper towel holder is going to go away as well.

I’m going to leave the top and also the shower tiles as this possibly just regrout it because it’s kind of dirty or just clean it up. We’re going to change the showerhead and the shower valves… Well, just the showerhead, not the valves and stuff and the fixture, and this is going to be as far as the remodelling of the second bathroom is concerned.

And coming into the laundry room. We started doing patchwork already on the wall. So, we’re prepping the wall for paint next week, this coming week. The first week… This is, as we consider the first week, I’m just wrapping it up here.

Living Room

Looking at this open, living room here is great. And we got the can lights, that are ready to go. We’re just going to change the bulbs. So, this is a very good bone house. A house with good bones and it’s got a two-car garage.

House Exterior

Looking at this open, living room here is great. And we got the can lights, that are ready to go. We’re just going to change the bulbs. So, this is a very good bone house. A house with good bones and it’s got a two-car garage.

The square footage of this house is 1656. It’s got three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a two-car garage and there was a lot, a lot of junk. And I was actually amazed to see how clean it is right now. You may not think so, but if you saw the condition of the house before this, man, there’s like, you can hardly walk through the place. You have to like meander your way through all the junk, the piles of junk in the house. And it smelled like urine.

The previous owner was handicapped, was disabled. So, it’s not surprising to kind of find yourself walking on urine. So, this is the house that I’m doing a walkthrough of next week. I’m going to do another walkthrough. So, you get to see the progress that we made on the house. And also the transformation that we’ve done from week to week. I give myself four weeks to get this house ready for market. This is one of the flips that we are doing in Sacramento. We buy two to three houses. We have two to three houses that we’re actively flipping on a monthly basis.


So anyway, we’re growing our portfolio. We have a big, massive short term rental portfolio here in Sacramento. I don’t ever think that I’m going to go out of this market. I know this market super, super well. I know where to do short term rental, where not to, and the areas to avoid. There’s actually an intention behind why we want to grow our short term rentals here in this area in Sacramento. There’s actually a reason behind why we’re not branching out to other areas.

So, that’s pretty much it guys. I guess if I don’t see you most likely, well, next week I will see you next Sunday or Saturday, I’m going to come back to this house again and it’s going to be a completely different appearance look of this house because of the way that we do things is fast and we do it efficiently and we know what we’re doing and this house is going to turn out. So, so well.

Where’s the meetup? The meet up most likely is going to be in Citrus Heights. And I’m going to take you guys to a house that we are turning into a short term rental. So, you get to see the house actually has a pool and we’re in the process of buying the furniture. I just spent like $8,000 on all the furniture, the [best 00:15:56], the couch, the sectional, the coffee tables. What else? The rocks, the bed frames, the mattresses for that house.

So, just follow us on Instagram and also Facebook, Insightful REI Buy Houses or Real State Laboratory, something like that. So, you can sign up. We’re going to just broadcast it on social media. There’s no way that you cannot miss it. Just follow us. I’m going to put it on my story and we are going to make a post. If you look at our past posts, you’ll see an announcement on those monthly meetups.

I would love to meet you, Mike. And I would like to hang out with you, Steven. Let’s do a deal together. All right. So, until next time guys, I am going to go.

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