Getting rid of a worthless vacant property in Sacramento

Someone will use your property

When your intention is to somehow get rid of the property in Sacramento, you may not be expecting any returns from it. If that is the case you have various options to get rid of the same. Your main advantage is that at the moment none is using the place. Any day, any time you can hand over its possession to somebody without any hassles. If you wish so you can donate the property for charity. The property may be worthless to you but, it may not be so for some people or for some organizations. If they are able to convert it into an useful property, it is the best opportunity for them to grab it and for you the long awaited chance to get rid of the same in a very civilized manner. You can gift the property to an educational institution or a community center or a hospital or an orphanage. You can be proud about dedicating your asset for the benefit of the society.

It won’t be worthless forever

There can’t be a better way to dispose your vacant property. As an alternate method you may get in touch with the higher officials of the municipality and offer your vacant property. They may be frantically in search of a place for waste disposal or for opening a substation of the electricity board or for a public play-ground or an open-air market or a park, etc, etc. Since you are not expecting anything out of it, you can quote a very cheap price for the property so that the response will be quick as well as enthusiastic. Your worthless vacant property will become a valuable property occupied by the municipality. Bear in mind, no property remains vacant or worthless forever.

Free offer may make people scary

We are accustomed to certain practices. Whatever we want, it is our practice to buy the same for a price. We may negotiate the price very aggressively. However, it is not our practice to accept something for free. If somebody offers a property for free we may suspect that either he is mad or he is trying to dupe us. Thereafter, we avoid him completely. Hence never commit the mistake of offering your worthless vacant land in Sacramento for free to individuals. Not only that you will fail to get rid of the property but your credibility also will be at stake. Since you are not worried about the returns, you can offer the land for a wonderful price in the eyes of the prospective buyers. They will be very happy to contact you for more details and in all probability with one of them you will be able to finalize the deal. You wanted to get rid of the property and your wish will be fulfilled quickly and amicably. When you are ready for this kind of deal you can get the service of a local real-estate agent also. He will get a buyer for your property and will also assist you to finalize the deal and carry out the transaction. It will be easier to sell your property “for a price” than giving it for free.

Add value

According to you now the property is worthless and hence you are in a hurry to get rid of the same. In case you are ready to wait for some time and also invest some money you can very well create a value for the property. If it is a vacant land hire a builder and ask him to construct a small house with minimum budget. Instead of house you can also carry out a little construction and erect a structure which will be useful for some commercial activity.

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Once the construction is over if you offer the property for sale you will be getting a lot of responses from potential buyers.

Place an ad on the free sites

You can place an ad on the free real-estate websites and wait for some times and see whether somebody is interested in your property. You can place the ad on Craigslist or any other free website. You can also put the ad on “ebay” offering the property for a considerably low price. Perhaps, you might have contacted your neighbors, friends, the nearby church, the municipal authorities, the Land Bank and many other places to find out whether someone is interested in the property but could not get a positive response. You might have come to the conclusion that giving away the property is a very hard task. Probably people consider your land or house as a junk property if it is situated in an undeveloped part of the city. There may be builders who will be interested in such properties. They buy the land for a throwaway price and will construct a house and will sell it as hot cake! You can either sell your property to the builder or can try for a joint venture with the builder. The builders know how to convert your worthless, vacant property into a property in demand.

Go for distress sale

There are various companies such as These companies come forward to buy properties that are for distress sale and later on they will sell the property for a margin after making some changes. Another good idea is to put up a garage and offer the property for sale. Those who buy property to use it as garage will not bother much about the location, surroundings, etc. and if they find your price really attractive they will grab the property and you will be relieved from the headache.

Get a Fair Cash Offer

There are many real-estate firms in Sacramento who are ready to buy property of any condition. They will pay you the mutually agreed price amount in cash. You need not pay commission or any service charges. The transaction will be clean and clear. You may call them over the phone or meet them in person and they will ask you to provide the property info. There are real estate firms that are truly professional. They execute the deal as promised and it will be a smooth transaction. Property owners who struggle to get rid of their property which is unwanted, vacant, not usable, worthless, remote, very old, dilapidated or with any other serious defect that has made it too difficult to sell can very well approach one of these real-estate firms for the best solution to dispose the property.

Your last option – Tax Sale

Once you have come to the conclusion that there is no way to get rid of your vacant, worthless property in Sacramento, you stop paying the property tax. Once your tax arrears exceed certain limit the county will proceed to sell the property under Tax Sale. Let the property go for tax foreclosure. The County will auction off the property. In case the amount paid by the buyer exceeds the amount due to the County against tax arrears, penalty, court fees and foreclosure costs, the County will pay the excess money to you which you can very well use for charity.

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