5 Things To Watch Out For When Selling In A Warmer Climate Such As Antelope

It has both its benefits and its drawbacks to offer in a warmer climate. For example, the warmer weather throughout the year means you have a longer selling season than, for example, in colder climates where home sales drop in the winter.   The warmer temperatures do, however, cause their declines.

Here are 5 things to watch out for when selling in a warmer climate such as Antelope.


Potential buyers want to be cool and comfortable going home, not sweaty and warm. Make sure that the thermostat is set at a comfortable temperature in order to help them achieve this, even one that is cooler than you normally keep home during shows.

Switch on fans to circulate the air throughout the house, but make sure the fans are quiet enough that they are not going to disrupt the experience. If you have outdoor fans, like on porches, switch them on as well.

Just be careful not to set a temperature that guests shiver through the show at too low a temperature.


The roof of your home is an important piece to keep your home cool and energy bills lower–and an important consideration to sell in a warmer climate like Antelope. If your roof is in disrepair, too dark in color, or lacks enough isolation, it may spell bad news for the chances of selling your home.

Have a roof inspector thoroughly check your roof and make any necessary repairs before listing your house. This can mean a full-scale replacement in some situations.

While this seems like a huge expense to take on right before you sell, it will quickly become a point of sale and with a higher selling price, you may be able to recover your costs.


The ability of air to circulate throughout your living space is a critical part of keeping things cool and comfortable without forcing you to run your air conditioning all the time. Your air conditioner must work harder without good ventilation to maintain a consistently comfortable temperature in all rooms, driving up your energy costs and increasing the frequency of repairs and replacements.

Such ventilation will occur very naturally if your home has an open floor plan. If it does not have an open floor plan, additional ductwork and ventilation may need to be considered so that air can migrate more easily from one room to another.


Like your roof, the windows of your house are a major factor in the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. Damaged, leaky windows cause you to lose outside air, which means you have to work harder to generate the same indoor temperature.

If you can sense the flow of air through your door, consider closing any holes around them. You may need to completely replace the window when you find that your window panes are foggy.

As with your roof, it may seem like a precious project to repair windows right before you sell, but it is often less frustrating – and may be less costly – if you fix them before selling them than after an inspector discovers a problem and takes it to a buyer.


Bubbling water can give potential buyers a cool, calm feeling even when it’s blistering hot outside.

If you have the outdoor space, consider adding to your front or backyard a small fountain or other water feature. This will add some extra curb appeal and attract buyers to the fun. Even if the feature is temporary, it can give your home an enhanced impression to a buyer and can make it climb to the top of its priority list.

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