Selling A House That Needs A Lot Of Work

Often times, you have a house which needs a lot of work and at the same time lot of cash outflows. You might think it is better to sell it off than to put more money in these house renovations.  You might be hesitated to sell this kind of house because of the fact that the house needs a lot of renovations.

There are many people or companies in the market who are always looking for this kind of opportunity. Their business is to renovate the house and make it completely different from the previous one and sell it off with the profit.

One might think that since it needs a lot of work, I may not get the price which I expect. It might be true but all depends upon your negotiations. However, there are some techniques which one should apply while selling a house that needs a lot of work.

Basically, there are three alternatives available with the owner of the house that needs a lot of work.

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Renovate The House Entirely And Sale It

This option will take more time and more money. However, once this option is exercised it becomes very easy to sell your house. The reason is most people who really want to stay in the house and does not want to buy it for reselling or investment are looking for the house which is ready in possession.

What is the exact repair and in what portions the repairs needs be done shall be determined based on the technical help from the engineer. He shall inspect the house entirely and suggest the steps or the process on how to fix the house.

Repair Some Major Items and Sale It

It differs from case to case that what is required to be done. In some of the houses, it is not required to renovate the house entirely. However, repair only some major items and you are done. The reason for the major repairs is to fetch good money while selling it since some investor does not choose to buy the house if they think that there is a lot of repair work involved.

Selling the House As It Is

At last, this is the least risky and best option in some cases. If the seller thinks that his money and time are not worth spending on renovation or repairing of the house, he might choose to sell it off, earn quick cash and move on.

While showing all the good highlights of the house to the prospective buyer, it is highly recommended to show all major repairs needs to be done. Many times, the conflicts arise between the buyer and seller after the deal is completed.

It is quite obvious that the house is going to fetch very lower price and the seller has to be prepared for that. The reason for the lower price is that the buyer of the house whether is the investor or the reseller takes the risk of repairs and overhaul work of the entire house. Seller is not going to invest his time, money or energy. Sometimes if the owner’s expectation is not too high, it is easy and the quickest way to sell a house.

Decide To Renovate Or Not

Whether to renovate the house or not depends upon the very fact that how much renovation work is involved in the house. If in the house, all the safety-related structure functions properly than one should consider renovating a little and fetch the good price from the house. However, if the house requires all the structural changes to be made and the safety is weak than it is better to sell it off without renovation.

Approach Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are the experts in the subject area. What is the market trend and who can be the prospective buyer of the house that needs a lot of work. The agent will ask you several questions about the house age and documents.

A real estate agent shall also advise on a house to make the house appealing while selling it. He may advise little fix-up. It is quite obvious that your buyer will not be the one who wants the ready to possession house. The buyer of the house that needs a lot of work might buy the house to make investments or profits.

Real estate consultants are the only person to give you the advice on determining the best alternative available for your house that needs a lot of work.

Approach Engineer

The engineer can advise on the safety structure of the house. Whether and in what proportion the renovation in the house is required and what is the possible expenses needs to be incurred. If after incurring a small expense, there is a big impact on the selling price of the house; one might consider making a small expense. That may be changing the doors or cabinets or some other hardware etc. After doing cost and benefit analysis, one should decide whether to renovate the house or not.

Hire a Contractor

Once you decide that you want to renovate the house as per the direction of the engineer, hire a professional contractor for renovation work.

Ask various contractors to submit a bid and choose the best out of the all available choices. Consider the fact in mind that while repairing the house, quality of the renovation is more important than the cost of renovations.

It is always recommended to check that the contractor has all the licences valid and is in place in order to execute your work.


There are a lot of buyers who willing to buy this kind of house so take advice from the real estate experts and take the step ahead.

If the time, money and your energy do not permit you to rework the house, choose to sell it off without making a renovation. If the little repair expects better cash benefits, choose to repair and sell it off.

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