How To Get Rid Of Squatters Safely, Legally, and Effectively

Background and Challenges

How To Get Rid Of Squatters Safely, Legally, and Effectively

In a detailed account, Flash from the United Handyman Association shares his experience of removing squatters from his mother’s house. After his father’s passing, the house became vacant, leading to an unauthorized occupation. Despite reaching out to law enforcement, Flash encountered the common hurdle many face: the reluctance of authorities to intervene in what is perceived as a civil matter.

Strategic Approach

Flash’s strategy was unique. Recognizing the limitations of the legal system in dealing with squatters quickly, he devised a plan. He established himself as the legal tenant of the property by signing a lease with his mother. This strategic move allowed him to reclaim the house by essentially becoming the squatter on the squatter.

Execution of the Plan

  • Occupation: Flash arrived at the property early in the morning, ensuring the squatters were out.
  • Security Installation: He installed security cameras to monitor the situation and serve as evidence if needed.
  • Confrontation and Negotiation: Flash confronted the squatter, a woman claiming to store her belongings in the house. He firmly insisted on the removal of her possessions, offering a deadline.
  • Community Engagement: To expedite the process, Flash enlisted local young men, offering the squatter’s furniture as an incentive for their help in moving it out.
Execution of the Plan


The squatters were successfully evicted without direct law enforcement involvement. The house was cleared, secured, and eventually sold.

Reflections and Advice

Flash underscores the inefficiency of the legal system in dealing with squatters, noting the perceived rights squatters have which can prolong the eviction process. His method, while unorthodox, was effective in his situation but might not be universally applicable.

After resolving the issue, he reported back to the local sheriff, leading to an agreement that any future trespassers would be arrested.

Closing Thoughts

Flash’s story is a testament to the creativity and determination required in handling complex issues like squatter eviction. He concludes with a message of support to homeowners and handymen, offering his insights and assistance.

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