5 Perks of Using a Rent to Own Agreement to Sell Your House in Sacramento

Agreement to sell your house, ready for more learning? Read on to find out about these five benefits of using a rent to own arrangement to sell your Sacramento home. For both the buyer and the seller, using a rent to own contract can be a perfect alternative to selling. To own contracts, there are two basic forms of rent, an option to lease or a right to buy. The buyers can try out the property as if it were their own with the option. They can either shop or walk away at the end of the agreed-upon time. Just as it sounds, the buyer must follow through with the contract with an agreement to purchase. You still hold the cards in the negotiations because you hold the land.

Agreement to Sell Your House

Different Sector of Buyers

Although competition for buyers on the MLS is fierce, buyers who might not quite match the typical loan bill are just waiting for an opportunity to achieve homeownership. Because of their inability to apply for traditional loans, and prospects in this business sector are small, renting to own property is rarely very long-term. Rent to own is a seller’s market because of low supply and high demand, which is a great benefit of using a rent to own arrangement to sell your house in Sacramento.

Speedy Sale

A fast sale is a cash-saving advantage of selling your house in Sacramento using a rent to own agreement. Although you still retain ownership of the land, you won’t have to worry about paying keeping costs, waiting for the conventional market to come along with the right buyer. You won’t have to wait for all the procedures that take time with traditional loans because you’re the financer.

Collect a “Down Payment”

An excellent financial boost and a bonus of using a rent to own arrangement to sell your house in Sacramento is a sizeable down payment to secure the offer. If your choice buyers walk away or your contract buyers struggle to secure funding, the best aspect of all, you maintain all the money you have received during the duration of the deal, including the huge down payment.

Confidence in Your Tenants

Because so much investment has been poured into the property by your tenants, you can be assured that they will not walk away for good reason until the contract ends. In addition, the tenants are usually responsible for the maintenance and repairs since they behave as though they are the owners. This peace of mind is a pleasant bonus of selling your house in Sacramento using a rent to own deal.

Get Market Value +

Keeping the cards means that the rules of the game are set by you. You’re, in effect, holding your Sacramento home off the market for a fixed time when it comes to rent-to-own contracts. You may set the selling price at a higher value than the current market when the contract expires, allowing an informed estimation of the home’s value. In addition, as a further part of the down payment, spread over time, you can charge a higher than average monthly rent while earning an extra amount towards the purchase. Another advantage of using a rent to own arrangement to sell your house in Sacramento is this immediate value benefit. At the other side of the coin, you prevent an asset loss if the stock value decreases.

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