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8 Companies That Buy Houses For Cash

8 Companies That Buy Houses For Cash

From California to the East Coast, the housing market in the United States is going through an enormous transformation. With home buyer demands decreasing drastically, interest rates have also gone through the roof.

In this housing market, cash home buyers are buying homes at a swift pace. Cash home buyers are constantly viewing the MLS for homes, so if you’re a seller searching for a cash offer, you should list your property on the MLS.

For those who are selling their home, companies that buy houses for cash appeal more to buyers who finance. Cash offers offer a secure sale with no need for home inspections or approval from a lender. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 8 companies that buy houses for cash. 

8 Companies That Buy Houses For Cash

Here are the eight best companies that buy houses for cash.

1. Houzeo

Houzeo is one of the top companies that buy houses for cash and provides essential resources that only top the best real estate agents have. Houzeo’s management system makes being able to list a home easy by being able to request any changes online. 

With Houzeo, you can compare and review all offers online and allow for easy management when dealing with show requests.

When dealing with cash buyers, we typically see offers from that particular cash house buyer because it’s not competitive. Hence, the cash buyer only offers around thirty to seventy percent of the home’s value. 

Houzeo is considered one of the best real estate marketplaces in America. When listing a house on their company’s website, the property will be available to not only local buyers but national cash buyers, too!

  • Service Fees: $349
  • Locations: In most states 

2. We Buy Ugly Houses

We Buy Ugly Houses is among the list of companies that buy houses for cash and functions on franchisee models. People who flip homes in the United States own the franchises. 

With every We Buy Ugly Houses franchise, there is a specific set of rules, so each cash offer term may be different.

There really is no quicker way to sell a home than with We Buy Ugly Houses. Why are we mentioning this franchise, you ask? We Buy Ugly Houses buy homes “as is”, so you don’t need to spend time sprucing it up.

At the very first meeting, they’ll provide you with a cash offer and can close in as little as three weeks. In addition, as opposed to some cash buyers, there are zero commission charges, and they pay for closing costs.

  • Service Fees: None
  • Location: In 48 states

3. We Buy Houses

As a private network of investors, We Buy Houses is privately owned and will buy “as is” homes for cash. If your home only requires some cosmetic maintenance, we recommend making repairs if possible.

When considering We Buy Houses, they have investors who are familiar with working with people who want to purchase homes wholesale. Wholesaling means that you can purchase a home at a discount if it needs any fixing or repairs. 

Since We Buy Ugly Houses deals with an abundance of homeowners, they will sell the homes almost immediately to an investor without the repairs. 

  • Service Fees: None
  • Location: In 32 states

4. MarketPro Homebuyers

For those who are looking for companies who buy houses for cash, another company on our list to consider is MarketPro Homebuyers. MarketPro Homebuyers buy houses for cash in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

MarketPro Homebuyers offers stress-free sales to sell a home without the headache of making costly repairs, without the long dreaded wait of finding a qualified buyer, and without cleaning the home and negotiations. 

They make it a priority to close when you need to so you can receive your money swiftly and place your home under contract.

They offer transparent prices to compare what you may receive from using a traditional real estate agent, so you’ll receive a cash offer “as is.” So, what’s the main reason they made our list? 

MarketPro Homebuyers will help you move with their white glove services, offering full cleanouts, packing, and moving. 

  • Service Fees: None
  • Location: Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida
8 Companies That Buy Houses For Cash

5. Orchard Homes

Next on our list is Orchard Homes, a company that provides various services to its buyers and sellers in residential areas. Orchard Homes offers its customers a title insurance agency (full service) and their very own mortgage team.

This company will allow you to use ninety percent of your home’s total equity to make a cash offer on your home. It’s also possible to receive a non-contingent offer on new homes, which are more appealing to buyers because they have a higher chance of being rejected less. 

The primary services offered by Orchard Homes are move first, buy and list, and their list with orchard service. 

  • Service Fees: 6% – 13%
  • Location: Some locations in Texas, Denver, Atlanta, Northern Virginia, Montgomery County, Maryland, and Charlotte

6. 1-800-Cash Offer

1-800-Cash Offer buy houses for cash in any condition, don’t do repairs, don’t require commissions, fees, or obligations, and make a cash offer within twenty-four hours. 

When working with 1-800-Cash Offer, you’ll be paired with some of the best professionals who will make a quick cash offer so you can quickly move forward.

To begin, they’ll request your information and schedule a professional to perform a walk-through immediately. They make no-obligation offers and no-repair cash offers within twenty-four hours and offer cash payments quickly and without the stress. 

The professionals at 1-800-Cash Offer will take the time to listen to your goals, discuss the ins and outs of your home, and make a cash offer. 

  • Service Fees: None
  • Location: All 50 states

7. OpenDoor

OpenDoor is one of the largest companies that buy houses for cash. We felt it was worth adding this company to our list because they make cash offers on select properties only. In order for OpenDoor to make a cash offer on your home, a home must meet specific criteria.

OpenDoor typically makes cash offers that are around seventy percent of a home’s fair market value and, combined with the five percent service fee, could make an impact on the equity received for the home. 

To assist with receiving offers that match the fair market value of your home, you can list the home on a flat fee MLS company.

  • Service Fees: 5%
  • Location: In 46 states

8. HomeVestors

Rounding off our list is HomeVestors, a company that buys houses for cash and is run by real estate investors. You may have heard of their trademark, “We Buy Ugly Houses”, which was created because they purchase distressed properties.

When using HomeVestors, sellers can sell their home “as is” with a hassle-free approach. HomeVestors will offer anywhere from fifty to seventy percent of a home’s market value. 

The professionals at HomeVestors make cash offers below fair market value, offer repairs, and will then sell it for a profit. 

  • Service Fees: None
  • Location: In 47 states

About InsightfulREI

At InsightfulREI, when you sell your home for cash, we won’t make you deal with unwanted repairs, cleaning your home, deal with open houses, or deal with real estate agents. Selling your home for cash to InsightfulREI in the Sacramento region is quicker and stress-free.

Our professionals make it our goal to ensure you receive a smooth selling process with no fees, no closing costs, and no commissions. Receiving a cash offer from our company can ensure that you can avoid fees and save thousands in costs!

If you’re looking for a quick and stress-free way to sell your home, you can call InsightfulREI today to receive your cash offer. To sell your home fast in Sacramento, you can easily fill out our form, receive your cash offer, pick your closing date, and get cash for your home fast. 

If you need to sell your home quickly in the California area, you can count on us to give you the highest cash offer and close on your preferred closing date. 

Companies That Buy Houses For Cash: FAQ

1. Is it good to sell your house to an investor?

When selling a home to an investor, they can allow more flexibility with their closing dates than with a traditional buyer, and you might also be able to leave any belongings behind that you don’t want.

2. Is a fast home offer legitimate?

Yes, fast home offers are legitimate, and for twelve years, I have been buying homes for cash. 

3. Are HomeVestors legit?

HomeVestors is a legitimate company and has been buying distressed homes for cash. 

4. How much will an investor pay for a house?

When paying for a home, many investors will use the seventy percent rule to determine whether the home is a good investment; therefore, they’ll pay no more than seventy percent of what they’re able to sell it for once it’s fixed up. 

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