10 Types of Homes Sold in Sacramento

10 Types of Homes Sold in Sacramento

Known as a diverse city, Sacramento has a variety of different styles of homes that are sold. From modern to contemporary, homeowners always look for something unique they can still find in the city. Many of the homes in Sacramento, California, have outstanding architecture and are built in almost any style imaginable. 

In our blog below, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 types of homes sold in Sacramento

If you’re selling your home, here are 10 types of homes sold in Sacramento. 

1. Victorian Homes

If you’ve ever heard of a Victorian home, the first picture that might come to mind is a colorful dollhouse or an old abandoned house. However, we want to ensure you know that Victorian refers to the era in which the home was built and not its specific style. The Victorian-style era lasted between 1837 and 1901, during the reign of Queen Victoria.

A standard Victorian home has two to three floors and is large. The houses are constructed using stone wood and have an exterior that consists of intricate designs. In the interior of a Victorian home, you may find tall ceilings and windows, closed-off rooms, detailed trim work, and unique architecture.

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2. Craftsman Homes

Craftsman-style homes remain one of the most popular homes sold in Sacramento. Made of nature-inspired elements, craftsman-style homes are the pure definition of beauty. The interior of a craftsman home has a homey feel, is cozy and warm, and has distinct living areas and kitchen nooks.

These homes generally have an inviting feel due to the unique woodwork around their window frames, doors, ceiling beams, and characteristic hardwood floors. While craftsman homes give off plenty of natural light, many Sacramento homeowners like to keep their woodwork natural.

In addition, Craftsman homes sold in Sacramento are typically two levels and were built in the 19th century, with their design influenced by the Arts and Crafts Era. 

3. Mid-Century Modern Homes

Another type of home sold in Sacramento is mid-century modern homes. Mid-century modern homes have an open layout, large windows, and a sense of bringing nature indoors. From 1945 to 1969, mid-century modern homes had three styles that included international, contemporary, and organic.

Although these types of homes have three styles, many mid-century modern homes have straight lines, geometric shapes, minimal decoration, and are split-level. You’ll find mid-century modern homes located in almost every town in the United States, including Sacramento.

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4. Farmhouse Homes

Believe it or not, farmhouse homes are popular in more areas than just the state of Texas; they’re also popular in Sacramento too! When you sell your home in Sacramento, you might be looking for a farmhouse-style home to call home.

These types of homes typically come in two styles: traditional and modern. The traditional farmhouse home has a more country, rustic style, while the modern farmhouse home brings a contemporary approach to its aesthetic.

When selling your home, you’ll quickly discover that farmhouse homes have exposed beams, neutral color palettes, shiplap paneling, barn doors, open shelving, and vintage accent pieces. While farmhouses aren’t always found on the farm, you can find them on generous amounts of land.

Families who are looking for a home that has plenty of space for a garden and enjoy living in the suburbs away from the hustle and bustle of city life might prefer a farmhouse-style home.

5. Georgian Homes

A Georgian-style home is considered one of the most popular types of homes in Sacramento, shockingly. These types of homes have symmetrical designs and decorative features, and had some of the most trendy architectural designs during the Revolutionary War.

When you sell your home in Sacramento, you’ll quickly notice that Georgian-style homes are made from brick and stone, have symmetrical chimneys, are often two levels high, and have lower ceilings and smaller windows. Their roofs are hipped, meaning they have an upward slope from the sides of the home.

During the late 19th to 20th century, Georgian-style homes became more popular in the Midwest of the United States. Today, you’ll find Georgian homes in many of the Sacramento suburban communities. 

6. Contemporary Homes

A contemporary home in Sacramento is more updated than a modern home, but it refers to its design and features. A contemporary home mimics the architecture of the 21st century, meaning its designs and features change as the world changes.

Today, you’ll find that many contemporary homes in Sacramento are similar to farmhouses, modern, and mid-century homes. While it’s easy to get contemporary and modern homes confused, they’re not considered the same thing.

One of the primary differences between modern and contemporary homes is that contemporary homes have more warmth than modern homes. Contemporary homes have more comfort and functionality, whereas modern homes have an industrial design and are less homey.

Contemporary homes are a big seller in Sacramento, with their clean and simple design, making them more appealing to buyers than other styles. 

7. Ranch Homes

When you sell your home in Sacramento, you’ll also come across ranch-style homes. These types of homes are single-story homes, have open concepts, and have a lot of patio space. Ranch homes have low-pitch roofing and large windows and are primarily rectangular.

Other types of features you’ll find with a ranch-style home are sliding glass doors, roof eaves, and attached garages. It’s essential to know that while most ranch-style homes are only one level, they do have finished basements, which act as an additional floor.

While most ranch-style homes originated in the southern United States, you’ll find that they’ve become popular all over the United States. Ranch homes, particularly, can be found in Sacramento, Maryland, and New Jersey.

The five different types of ranch-style homes are California, Suburban, Split-level, Raised, and Storybook. When selling your home, some of the benefits of a ranch-style home include not needing to climb stairs, open floor plans, and an easier-to-maintain exterior.

8. Cape Cod Homes

Another type of home sold in Sacramento is Cape Cod homes. The sizes of cape cod homes vary but have many common characteristics, such as rectangular shapes, one-level, pitched roofs, low ceilings, and dormer windows. Over the past few centuries, Cape Cod homes have continuously evolved.

Many Cape Cod homes were made by using local materials that can withstand even the harshest of climates. In some Cape Cod homes, you might find oak beam framing, brick fireplaces, and a variety of color combinations used on the exterior.

Since many Cape Cod homes in Sacramento were built around the 1950s, we’ll mostly find these homes in well-established neighborhoods. For cash-strapped buyers, Cape Cod homes have become an excellent choice and provide a comfortable living space to those who are looking to downsize. 

9. Bungalow Homes

Bungalow homes are another type of unique home that is sold in Sacramento. These homes are small, only one level, and have many attic areas that are used for a small bedroom. Many bungalow homes in Sacramento feature verandas, dormer windows, and a small flight of steps.

Even though bungalow homes are on the smaller side, they seem larger due to their open space and large windows that bring in natural light. Since bungalow homes have more oversized windows compared to other styles, many homeowners plant shrubs or trees around their homes for privacy.

You can quickly identify Sacramento bungalow homes by their siding, which is made up of natural materials such as wood and shingles.

10. Spanish Colonial Revival Homes

Rounding off our list are Spanish colonial revival homes. Spanish colonial revival homes have excellent curb appeal, red tile roofing, and beautiful landscaping.

This type of architecture first took off in California and Florida and still remains popular in many areas today. Some of the features you’ll find in a Spanish colonial revival home are curves and arches, painted tile, terracotta roof tiles, tower chimneys, balconies, patios, and columns.

In addition, Spanish colonial revival homes have thick walls, small window openings, and, in many of the early-built homes, have wood shutters.

Homes Sold in Sacramento: FAQ

1. Are homes selling in Sacramento?

As of July 2023, home prices in the Sacramento area were down 2.9%, selling for a median price of $495,000.

2. Is it a good time to sell a house in Sacramento?

It’s an excellent time to sell your home in Sacramento, but you might have to settle on a lower selling price.

3. What is the wealthiest suburb in Sacramento?

The richest suburb in Sacramento is Granite Bay.

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