What To Spend Money On When Selling Your House in Sacramento

Planning to sell your house in Sacramento? There are numerous steps you can take to enhance its value. However, not all investments are worth the cost. In our recent post, gain insights about where to allocate your money when selling your house in Sacramento and how to minimize your expenses!

There are several methods you could employ to sell your house in Sacramento. You can sell it ‘as-is’ to a company like InsightfulREI Buy Houses Sacramento, or opt to list it. While the first option demands little time and no immediate expenditure, listing your property can involve significant upfront costs. It’s crucial to spend your money wisely, investing only in upgrades and enhancements that genuinely add value to your home. Here are a few recommendations if you decide to list your house in Sacramento:

Curb Appeal

Often, prospective buyers form a decision about purchasing a house within the first few moments of viewing it. This subconscious first impression is crucial. You need to evoke a sense of warmth, making them feel at home from the moment they arrive at your driveway. Invest in improving the landscaping and replacing elements like the mailbox, house numbers, and front door. You’ll need to maintain the lawn and other landscaping tasks regularly. Everyone who visits the house should be greeted by a well-kept front yard.

New Interior Fixtures

Introducing new fixtures is an effective strategy to enhance your home’s value. Consider replacing items such as door handles, faucets, drawer pulls, and cabinet hinges. Ensure to budget appropriately for this as you might require more new doorknobs than initially expected!

Define Spaces

Ensure the spare bedroom remains a spare bedroom, rather than a multifunctional space serving as a gym and office too. Undefined spaces can subconsciously disorient the buyer. If the room is predominantly used as an office, consider removing the bed. Whichever function the room serves, ensure it’s clearly designated for that purpose.

Spruce Up The Entryway

First impressions hold significant weight. As visitors enter, they should experience a positive sensation about the space. Invest some effort into enhancing the entrance area to ensure guests immediately feel at home. Incorporate elements like side tables, new artwork, or a fresh bouquet of flowers.

New Carpets

Unappealing carpeting can greatly dissuade potential homebuyers. Stains and wear can be immensely off-putting for someone envisioning the home as their own. Installing new carpets throughout the property can rejuvenate the entire space, giving it a fresh, updated appearance.


Repainting is often the initial step many homeowners undertake when listing their property. Although this task might be feasible to tackle independently, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should. A subpar painting job can be glaringly obvious to prospective buyers inspecting your home. Allocate funds to hire a professional to handle the interior painting. Depending on the size of your Sacramento house, set aside a few thousand for this job and opt for neutral hues. Avoid attempting to patch paint over damaged sections, as this will be conspicuous to buyers and home inspectors, inciting them to question what else might be concealed.

Staging & Storage

It’s strongly advised to engage a professional staging company when your house is on the market. This arrangement enables you to pack up your personal belongings and store them at an offsite location. Retain only essential items in the house, leaving the rest to be handled by a professional. If it’s not within your budget to stage the entire house, concentrate on sprucing up a few key rooms. It’s still important to remove personal items during property showings. By storing them offsite, prospective buyers won’t be confronted with clutter you’ve tried to conceal in a closet!

Before investing in house repairs and various beautification efforts, ponder the benefits of a direct sale in your circumstances! Opting for a direct sale incurs no costs to you, and, additionally, there are no agent commissions to worry about!

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