Oakmont House Transformation Complete!

Final Walkthrough I am giving you a final report on the Oakmont house transformation. So this house is complete and we are walking to the house. I started furnishing the house already, so you can see the TV stand, the couch, the coffee table, the dining table, and the chandelier. This is the common area. … Continued

Interest Rates Matter When Buying a Home in Sacramento

5 Things You Can Overlook When Buying an Investment Property in Sacramento

Buying an investment property in Sacramento – It’s easy to overlook important characteristics of a possible rental property and make a disastrous transaction if you don’t have the experience of a professional investor. Real estate investing is a business, and just like any other, the numbers are important. Understanding the factors that influence the market’s … Continued


Introduction Let me give a progress report on this house transformation project. With my contractor, we’re doing a walkthrough. And I’m just going to show you the inside of the house. The progress that we made. Door So this door is going to stay, but we’re going to paint it, sand it, and it’s going … Continued

Oakmont House Transformation Week 4

Introduction I’m giving you a progress report on the Oakmont House Transformation. We’re doing a walkthrough. This is the week before the final week. What I promise you guys that we would do. Kitchen The chandelier looks pretty nice. What do you think? Okay, so we laid the countertops in the kitchen and put the … Continued

if You Receive a Low Appraisal When Selling a house in Sacramento

How to Estimate Repairs When Selling Your House in Sacramento

When selling your house in Sacramento, an inspection is a vital part of the process, and for many sellers, this knowledge causes many sleepless nights. However, confronting the problem head-on will help you to see what you’re up against monetarily in terms of total repair costs. In most cases, three estimates are sufficient to create … Continued

Oakmont House Transformation Week 3

Introduction Just want to give you guys a progress report on this Oakmont house transformation that I promised to give you a report on every single week. Last week I promised you guys that we would do exterior paint. So the whole house is painted with this earth tone color, grayish color of white, and … Continued

Barbara House Transformation Progress | Week 2

Introduction Just want to give you a progress report on this house that we started doing remodeling two weeks ago. The first week we demoed this house. It took us three containers would you say. Two 40 yard containers get all the shit out of the house. So there’s a lot, a lot of crap … Continued

Oakmont House Transformation Week 2

Introduction This is our second week into the rehab. And I’m ready to show you the progress that we made in the last two weeks; as a matter of fact, the last week. It feels almost like fall. It’s windy, and you got the leaves. And what else? You got the late sunshine here. It’s … Continued

if You Receive a Low Appraisal When Selling a house in Sacramento

4 Downsides of Selling Your House on Your Own in Sacramento

Taking up the tasks of preparing and selling your house in Sacramento on your own may appear to be easier, more profitable, and appealing, but there are severe difficulties that could jeopardise the sale. Let’s look at four disadvantages of selling your home on your own in Sacramento to put things in perspective: Pricing One … Continued

Barbara House Before Transformation Week 1

Introduction This is Kevin from Insightful REI Buy Houses just want to show you the house that we started demoing last week and we’re making good progress. And every week from now on until the house is ready, I am going to show you the progress. So, you get to see the house from beginning … Continued

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