Why a Seller Financing Offer?

Why a seller financing (aka owner financing, we will use these two terms interchangeably) offer makes sense for a seller?   We list 6 biggest reasons why a seller would do this.  It sure is not for everyone who is not not looking for income and preservation of capital and whose property has no equity.  But it sure … Continued

Easiest Ways To Sell Investment Property In Sacramento

Every good investor knows that they’ll have to sell at a time. If an investment does not work or if you have other opportunities, you may want your property to be liquidated sooner rather than later. We’ll explore some simple ways to sell investment property in Sacramento in our latest post! If you own an … Continued

How To Know When To Sell Your Investment Property In Sacramento

People often retain an investment property, even if there are better places where they can put their money. There is no rule that you need a property to maintain! We’ll help you decide when to sell your investment property in[ market city] in our latest post! The Returns Aren’t There How much does the property … Continued