5 Situations That May Make You Want To Sell Your House Directly vs. Working With a Sacramento Real Estate Agent

Will you need to sell your house quickly? Not just the first decision you have to make in the process is how you sell your house. No matter the cause, the approach you pick to sell your Sacramento home should take into account both the stress factors and financial realities. The secret to success is educating yourself about your choices. So, here are 5 circumstances that may make you want to directly sell your house vs. working with a real estate agent Sacramento.

Buying Another Property

Did you unexpectedly hear that your dream house is about to enter the property market? You may want to sell your house directly vs. negotiating with a Sacramento real estate agent if you find yourself in a position where you need to sell quickly to buy a new home. A guaranteed closing date means selling directly, allowing you to scoop up the deal. With this pledge, typical listings do not come.


Another scenario that may make you want to sell your house directly vs. working with a real estate agent Sacramento is inheriting land. It is extremely likely that your inheritance is yet another burden if you do not want to live at home. It can also be a very emotional moment, quickening the urge for the property to move forward. With the paperwork, direct buyers will assist you and make the process quick.


Under your monthly bills, trapped alive? This is a scenario that could make you want to sell your house directly vs. working with a real estate agent Sacramento. Make sure that any fees or commissions a real estate agent has included in the terms of the agreement that you sign with them are completely understood. Despite the fact that you are already sinking in debt, you will agree to prepare the property in whatever manner they consider necessary to sell the house, without notice. Additionally, before your home is even mentioned, you would need to spend money on advertisements and a number of other potential expenditures, such as staging.


Owing to physical or financial constraints, older properties may have fallen into a state of disrepair. Over time, the frequency and cost of these repairs only increase. If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to sell your house directly vs. working with a real estate agent Sacramento? Depending on the issues found by the inspector, selling your house in the conventional form of listing with an agent may require thousands of dollars in repairs. Professional buyers would purchase your properties as-is, knowing the risks and expenses involved means their extensive experience.

Impending Foreclosure

It’s a daunting and tragic situation to live under the threat of foreclosure that may make you want to sell your house directly vs. working with a real estate agent Sacramento. With a direct sale, you’ll be sure to beat the impending deadline with no stress involved. A direct sale means a fixed closing date, unlike with brokers, and you won’t have to spend another penny on the property with a direct sale to plan the home for selling.

Losing rest at night to think about your issues is a scenario that can make you want to sell your house directly vs. working with a real estate agent Sacramento. Ready to sleep for a good night? Eliminate your issues by selling them directly to InsightfulREI Buy Houses Sacramento. By selling directly, there are no exhibits, open houses, or negotiation procedures to think about. Live an uninterrupted existence. The price offered by the InsightfulREI Buy Houses Sacramento is what you will earn at closing. Only pack what you want and leave behind the rest. Send us a message or give us a call today to learn more about us and what we can bring you!

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