How to Sell Your House With Unpermitted Work in Sacramento

How to sell your house in Sacramento with unpermitted work. If you’re intending to make alterations to your home, it’s best to be safe and find out if you’ll need a permit. Never skip this stage, as breaking out of the tangled web you’ve created can be difficult and costly. Many homeowners, for example, try to save money by doing house upgrades without obtaining the necessary licences to ensure that the work conforms with building rules. While many homeowners may have saved time or money by avoiding the time-consuming paperwork and red tape, they are unaware that they may have made their home unsafe and uninsurable. In other circumstances, homeowners find previously unpermitted work when renovating; in either scenario, you remain legally responsible as the homeowner.

While selling a house with unpermitted renovations is not impossible, you may have to do some juggling to get to the closing table without facing legal ramifications. Unpermitted work must be disclosed in real estate transactions by law, and failure to do so could result in a fine.  As a result, your buyers may back out of the contract, or you may be forced to have the work ripped out and re-done to meet code requirements. You do, however, have options. Continue reading to learn how to sell your house in Sacramento while doing unpermitted work.

How to Sell Your House With Unpermitted Work in Sacramento

Get Permits

You might be able to get the work allowed after the fact, allowing you to sell your house in Sacramento with unpermitted construction. The cost of the permit is determined by the project’s size. If one is available, you will need to complete an application outlining the job and wait for the inspector. Be prepared, however, for some deconstruction so that inspectors can evaluate your work and assure your safety and code compliance. It will assist if you keep your cool and remember that the permit office and inspector are on your side. If you were unaware of the work, you may be exempt from penalties or fees, and you may be entitled to take legal action against the prior owners of the property. If unpermitted work is discovered during discussions with a buyer, they may walk away from the purchase entirely, ask you to have the work approved before closing, or negotiate a significant price reduction.


If the prior improvement was not up to code, you may have to reconstruct it if you want to sell your house in Sacramento with unpermitted work. If the original work does not comply with the requirements, the cost of permits and completion will inevitably rise in tandem with the project’s size. The city will inform you of the necessary steps to correct the situation as well as a timeline for making the modifications. If the home fails to pass inspection, the value of the property will inevitably fall as a result of the inadequate improvements, and lenders may be hesitant to issue loans on the property as is. Regrettably, you may need to compare the price of rebuilding against the property’s value to see if the job is worthwhile. Depending on the scope of the unpermitted renovation, you may have to make the difficult decision to demolish the existing structure and start over. If you were not involved for the unpermitted work, don’t wait to sue the prior owners for damages. You have a certain amount of time following the discovery to launch a lawsuit.

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