Why Not Sell My House via Rent to Own?

sell my house Sacramento via Rent to Own
What If I Could Sell My House via Rent to Own?

Stop Land Lording Forever!  Consider “Sell My House via Rent to Own”!

There’s a better way of leasing your property and collecting the rent.  Have you considered “sell my house via rent to own”? How would you like all the benefits of land lording without the management and maintenance nightmares? Our company will lease your property on a long-term basis, guarantee the monthly payments, take care of the maintenance, and deal with all other management headaches.  You just tell us where to send the monthly rent check.

Benefits of Selling My House via Rent To Own

Often times the seller has a better chance of getting the full asking price and a higher monthly rent payment for the home on a rent-to-own property. That’s because the seller is giving the buyer more value by offering them financing to help with the purchase of the home.

The amount of the non-refundable option deposit is up to the seller. So, sellers can either profit at closing when the home is finally sold, or if the renter backs out of the agreement, you’ve still been collecting rent and you may keep the option deposit.  The potential for significant earnings can be great in this respect.

Here are some features and benefits for the landlord/seller:

  • Guaranteed Revenue Stream. Not only do you have a strong tenant with an equity stake in the home, you may also require a non-refundable upfront down payment.
  • Guaranteed Revenue Stream. Not only do you have a strong tenant with an equity stake in the home, you may also require a non-refundable upfront down payment.
  • Long-Term Renter. Each Rent To Own home is placed on a one to five year lease with a purchase option, minimizing vacancies for sellers.
  • Higher Rent: You can ask for a higher rent payment because you are flexible on your financing terms.
  • More Cash Flow: More value = more cash in hand.
  • Quality tenants: Renting out your home can be stressful because renters can be hard on your home — particularly when they don’t plan to be there long. However, because you are renting to someone who has a long-term interest in your home, there’s a better chance they’ll take care of it.  A long-term renter would presumably take better care of the home with an expectation to later purchase the property from you.
  • No Traditional Real Estate Transaction Fees. Sellers typically pay expensive real estate fees when selling their home, however most of the time these fees can be avoided in a Rent To Own transaction allowing you to retain a larger portion of the value for your property.
  • Less stress: For sellers, this is less stressful than just renting out your home due to the higher quality renters and how much they care about the home.
  • Inexpensive Advertising Fee. Since tenant buyers have a long-term interest in your home, vacancy is minimized.  As a result, marketing expense for re-leasing your home is greatly reduced.
  • No Time Gap Between Renters. If you already have tenants in place, the annual ad method will allow you to line up a buyer months in advance.
  • Purchase Price Lock. You agree to sell the home at a set price, allowing you to build in price escalation expectations for your home.
  • Tax Benefits. Avoid short-term capital gains tax by holding on to properties longer than a year and selling them at a fixed price.
  • Higher sales price, even in a soft market: Like we stated above, more renters who need slow-going financing will be attracted to the home and they will typically pay a premium because of the exclusive financing terms.
  • Tax benefits of an owner: For the first few years, the seller is still the owner of the home and gets to reap the tax benefits of home ownership.
  • Bigger target market: Sellers can target renters AND buyers.

If you’re open to “sell my house via rent to own” and looking for a reputable, experienced company, please contact us today. We’re interested in all homes in Sacramento regardless of their current condition. We have helped thousands of sellers performing such a transaction with our database of qualified tenant buyers.  Let us help you get your home sold as soon as possible.

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