Understanding The Closing Process From A Seller’s Perspective In Rancho Cordova

The closing process may seem daunting and frustrating for first-time home sellers. In fact, there are a bunch of steps in the process, along with no small amount of financial and legal intricacies–all of which the industry jargon makes more confusing. But if you know what to expect in advance, the closing process will not be as overwhelming at first glance as it appears. With that in mind, in Rancho Cordova we give this guide to help you understand the closing process from the point of view of a seller.

Closing Date vs. Closing Process

The actual closing is the final step in the deal where papers are signed, money changes hands, and the buyer is transferred ownership of the house. All this occurs when buyer, seller, and various real estate practitioners come together for this reason on the agreed closing date.

Nonetheless, the closing process starts well before that date. “The closing date,” industry experts say, “is the date of the property being legally transferred from the seller to the purchaser.” The home closing process is all the measures outlined in the sale contract that must take place from the moment you accept the offer from the buyer to the closing date.

Closing Process From A Seller’s Perspective In Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova Closing Process Steps

The closing process begins after negotiations have been concluded and you have accepted the offer of a buyer officially.


In most cases, the closing agent will conduct a check for the title, “a review of public records to insure that you are the legitimate owner of the property.” If any disputes are found, such as any lawsuits or rulings against the property, they must be settled for sale and closure to move forward.

Usually, this step in the closing process also requires title insurance, just in case the hunt for the title did not reveal any issues. Title insurance is intended to cover consumers if they later find out that, for example, the home they bought had a lien for unpaid bills.


While inspection is not strictly required, most buyers would insist on one to ensure that there are no hidden issues in the property. Normally, the inspection will take place shortly after an offer has been accepted.

If any issues or repairs that need to be made arise in the inspection, you have a few choices. “The buyer may ask you, depending on the contingencies outlined in the sale contract, to remedy any major repairs before closing or to request a price reduction or to cover the costs of repair.”


The mortgage lender of the buyer will require an assessment to ensure that your house is worth at least as much as you ask (the fair market value). A comparative market analysis is the primary tool for a professional appraiser–an appraisal of the value of your home based on the selling prices of recently sold comparable homes nearby. After all, borrowers must protect their assets.

If your house is below the selling price, it is possible that the buyer will not be able to obtain a mortgage for the original amount. The buyer can make up the difference in that situation, you can lower the price of the sale, or you can contest the determination. Your lawyer will help you decide the best course of action should you find yourself in this situation.


The final walk-through, normally about a day before closing, is generally the last thing to take place in the Rancho Cordova closing process before the document signing on the closing date. It is the last opportunity for the buyer to make sure that everything is in order (that all the necessary repairs have been done) and that there has been no recent damage (such as damage to the roof from high winds in a storm).


Obviously, the last step in the closing process is what happens to complete the selling agreement on the closing date. You’re going to sign a lot of paperwork, including signing the deed to the buyer. Closing usually takes place at the office of the escrow agent, often with the presence of your property solicitor.

Time Expectations for Closing

So how long does Rancho Cordova take in the entire closing process? It usually takes about 50 days on average from the acceptance of an offer to the closing date. The main reason why the closing process takes so long is that the buyer’s mortgage lender’s time-consuming procedure originates and subscribes to the loan. In fact, this is “one of the biggest things that can postpone a closure,” according to those in the know.

Understanding the closing process from the point of view of a seller in Rancho Cordova also means knowing that nearly a third of all closings are delayed. Nonetheless, a good real estate agent will help speed up the closing process and ensure that all is in place to avoid delays. Learn how our agents can help you close earlier.

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